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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ya, that last post was a little dark for me...ok, you saw my big freakin' grin in my pic......I DO smile a lot. So, sorry if I brought the room down!! Why do holidays bring out the grinch in us? I the only one? NO, I KNOW I'm not, I have to drive on the freeway with ya'll, there are more grinch's out there than just me and I want to HIT you....yet, smack you.....get outta my way, will ya.....we have to share the same road and you are up my tiny car's rear end with your gross fat gas-eating giant ugly SUV (OR truck...why do the jerks drive WHITE trucks....sorry to any of you nice white truck driver's out there, there must be at least one or two of you.....somewhere....) You make me want to say words that might make me go to hell!!!!!!


Ok, well, now...... (works up nice LA white toothed smile)'s my newest piece of heaven........
(I smiled when I made this) (so there!!!)

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Crystal said...

Having a bad week, Laurel?