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Sunday, September 21, 2008

AGING STINKS.....with a couple of exceptions....

Maturity....ah that elusive little fair that it takes so long to come and you only get it in such small doses. And then you are too old and tired to care that you are mature.

Aging is so tough, but the best thing about it is that you begin to gain real perspective on life, the way you choose to live it and the things that get thrown at you during it.

I used to think that everyone needed to know every single thought I had. That somehow I would burst if I didn't share MY perspective on everything. Now, to be honest.....I have only made a few deliberate steps away from's not been a 'growth/maturity' thing.....well, outside of the fact that I recognized that people didnt WANT to know what I thought about every single blooming thing. It was a big moment for me......someone actually TOLD me that they didnt need to know every single thought that went through my head and that my opinion would be more valued if it was meted out a bit. Wow, I was gobsmacked! What nerve, what kind of person would say that kind of hurtful thing to a friend...what a painful blow...what a MOMENT OF ILLUMINATION!

I wish I could find that friend, I wish I could tell her that even though she doesnt know it and isnt around to see it that I really did hear what she said. And it changed my life.

But......the tendency never really goes away.....I still have to really work hard to cork up the dam of words that wants to fly out....and I have limited success with it. But I am aware........that must be the part that growing older and maturing has to do with it......