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Friday, November 9, 2007

Balance Challange

Its always a struggle for me to find and maintain balance in my everyday life. Mostly I would just put everything on the back burner and make jewelry. But there IS a business side of it that must be dealt with. But REALLY, I mean, I just want to do my ART! (whine appropriately) I guess I could end up really soon just sitting in piles and piles of my own jewelry. That would be bad! People are supposed to want to want to wear this stuff!!

So, I goota sell it somehow. What I want to do is just make it and not worry about what happens beyond that.....yes, really realistic, right???


Gemheaven said...

lol Laurel I know the feeling I am a hermit - my friends have even booked a jewellery party because they say its the only way they can guarentee they'll see me *embarassed smilie lol

Laurel said...

Is is cuz you'll just get buried under all the jewelry you make and keep on making it anyhow????