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Sometimes I make sense and sometimes I *don't*

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well, Christmas has come and gone, my heart has stopped beating it's self out of my chest. Finally. Thank God. Phew! Now I am trying to majorly get a bee in my bonnet to do some destashing around here.

I used to be the destashing QUEEN! I mean I would throw everything away, if I didn't like it or didn't feel like it was being used enough, it was outta here. Well some family issues developed over that so I had t
o back off a little....and ended up backing off just a *tidge* too far! So now I'm back at it......doing the refining, so I can FIND things. Oh FUN! ;/

So, here are a couple of presents I made for Christmas.

The 1st is for my Sister-in-law. This set is made from an Onyx focal and Golden Amozonite accents with handmade, soldered round rings for kicks.

This second necklace
I made for my mother. We both have a deep love for birds, especially teeny tiny birds, so I made this for her from sterling silver...uhm, it's harder to do than it looks!