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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ever feel like you are being Targeted?

Like you could look up and there would be an anvil on it's way down....coming right at your head?

Oh how about sitting in your car and feeling like something is gonna ram right into you. I think this is a reaction to stress. You ever get that? I walk around ducking and hiding because I'm SURE something is gonna get me sooner or always does!

I suppose that with the holidays right around the corner especially woman will feel like that. Like some big awful thing will happen if we dont create the prefect holiday for our family. We have to have the perfect presents, well thought out and lovingly created...for everyone!! Then there are the cardsw..of which I just cannot handwrite anymore, I'm sorry, I can't do guess what, I'm waiting for that friendship that will be out the window cuz I couldn't write out my best wishes to their card. Sheesh, so many expectations.

For me, it's all about hanging out, eating good food and hopefully having one or two moments that make you gasp. Connections with old friends, conversations with mothers and sister, a family member finally singing for all, and with a very nice voice to....seeing how big your nephew got. Seeing how gentle your son is with his new girlfriend. Seing how gentle my husband is with his lovely 14yo daddys girl. Life is full of gasps. I want them ALL.

Oh, that picutre is of a rose necklace that I just finished....isn't it purtty?? I have set a little red coral cab in the middle. Its for sale on my Etsy account check it out!!

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Gemheaven said...

Loving this Laurel and it is sooo you !!