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Sunday, September 9, 2007

On aging well...

As I age....and age I HAVE! I am learning so much about myself. we have lived in LA for aonly a year and it is quite a striking difference from everywhere else! People here are always 'dressed'....even if you think they aren't...they ARE. their shoes are the *right* shoes with the *right* bag. You might not notice it at first, but everything is very well thought out.

Now, in Vegas, where we came from...anything went.........if you were a fat pig and wanted to wear dolphin shorts and flip flops...go right ahead. We might stare at you, but it's still ok. Here, if someone did that.....the people would be so embarrsed just to have to SEE them like that. I mean what were they thinking??? Your hurting my *eyes*.

It's hard to be relaxed here in LA about how you look. People here are very much all about how they look, without looking like they care very much about how they look!!! Lots of women don't wear any, or much makeup at all, but do you know what they have to DO to get to that point? OH yes, chemical peals and allkinds of nasty stuff just so they can go makeupless!!!

And they are all so TAN. I live here, too, I have a pool, and I get in it and also lay in the sun quite frequently.....but these people have year round tans. Like they have tanned so hard for so long that it just stays now! Their skin is so tan it is leather.

Well, I want to age gracefully, but the closer it gets.......the more I want to check out all those places that do all those nasty things to you to make you look, I can't, I just can't......maybe I'll just wear my hair pulled back REALLY tight!!! LOL.


Crystal said...

Hi Laurel! I didn't realize it was you who left a comment on my blog last week. Silly me - why didn't I make the connection? *rolls eyes*

Anyway, I hope you don't mind, I'm adding you to my blogroll so I can remember to read your blog. :)

BTW, if you don't mind my asking, what made you move to LA?

Laurel said...

HI Crystal!!

We moved here for a new job for hubby. It's an AMAZING job. It's hard to explain....but he's a producer for Alternate Reality Games....(ARG's...there's a wiki, I think if you're curious)

He grew up here and couldn't wait to get back!