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Monday, September 10, 2007

About Blogging & Technology

I don't want to be one of those old ladies that is scared of everything new. OK, yes, I'm not exactly an old lady yet...but I *know* some. Remember when the microwave came out and old people were sure it was gonna kill everyone!

Now I have to keep up with technology or I will look silly. It's a lot of work for me cuz I just don't think that way. I'm not a techi person AT ALL. I'm artsy-fartsy!!! I mean I spend my whole adult life as a professional singer, now I am a voice teacher and a jewelry artist.

So, recently here are the things I've to take a picture and download it on the computer, and learned how to actually GET it to where it needs to be. (oh and edit it and all that stuff) I learned how to open an e-commerce shop. I learned how to record my voice lessons and burn them to a CD..(wish I coulda had that when I was taking lessons!!!) Learned how to use a SLR Camera...sheesh, that was hard, am STILL learning how to work my Blackberry and the Treo bluetooth that goes with it. Oh, and my Ipod mini........*sometimes* I can work that!

And this does not count that I just moved to LA less than a year ago and am still learning to get around. So that's not really technology....but it DOES use up brain cells that are not used to functioning!!!

So, now I have a blog and I have to figure out things like how to 'pimp it out'. LOL


Crystal said...

You'll get it! :)

What kind of music did you sing/do you teach? I wish I could hear you sing!

Crystal said...

I tagged you on my blog!!

Is this your first meme? :)

Laurel said...

Yes!! But I'm not sure I know what a meme is!!

I am trying to figure it out...but not really hard.....just taking it slow!

Crystal said...

It's just a thing that gets passed around and you get to participate in to let people know more about you. :)