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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Huh, I just got tagged for a meme by my new dear friend Chrystal, who I'm gonna shake.....oh ya, is that #3...yes the 'moaning meme'. I do not know what a meme is, I think it's the nickname we called my cousin Michelle she she was a little baby!!!

I'm not even sure how to link to another blog....guess I'll have to sort that out!!! But for now, I'm gonna just show some jewelry I made.

OK, this first piece was from a color challenge on the forum I hang out on:

I really like how it turned out, but boy did I get fussy with it! I mean REALLY!!! All those teeny tiny beads! Anyhow, I handformed the base from Sterling silver and hammered that ( I LOVE hammering things!!!) and then wove the rest of the stones on there. It has turned out to be one of my faves...but since it was for a color challenge, that means that they were mostly colors I dont I have to find something besides a white t-shirt to wear it is LOVELY to wear!!!

Then there are these chandeliers.......I made the forms for these AGES ago when I was first learning to solder. The forms are really hard for me, but everytime I put something on Etsy that is soldered like this, it gets snatched up!! I kinda wish I would have kept these, but the girl who got them say they are her faves now, so that makes my heart very happy!!!!

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Crystal said...

Those are both gorgeous. I really like the earrings!