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Friday, January 18, 2008

Moving and starting over

Well, it's that time again. We are moving...again. Wow, all of the emotions wrapped up in

We are moving for my almost 15 y/o DD so she can have a chance to blossom at a 'normal' school.

We must love her, moving is hard. Decluttering is FREAKIN hard. I have some things I never use. My grandmother died what I was still very young. The only thing I have of hers is a necklace, and a set of three kind of odd vases. I have to keep them, that's all I have, but I wont USE them I don't think, I really haven't ...that stays. But what about the hundreds of other things that have special meaning to me...what about those things. huh????????

Yes, this is gonna be hard. From 2400 square feet to1800 square feet, yes, quite a wonderful challange!!!


Gemheaven said...

Oh good luck hun from one hoarder to another {{HUGS}}

Kristi said...

hey was fun finding your blog. i have 2 friends named laurel so i was confused on who was writing. it is so good to hear from you!!

so i take it you are moving to glendale...give me more details. i'd love to know what is going on with you guys!